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A military helicopter on a training mission is flying horizontally at a speed of 70.0 m/s and accidentally drops a bomb (fortunately not armed) at an elevation of 320 m. You can ignore air resistance.
(a) How much time is required for the bomb to reach the earth?

(b) How far does it travel horizontally while falling?

(c) Find the horizontal and vertical components of its velocity just before it strikes the earth.
(horizontal component)
(vertical component)

(e) If the velocity of the helicopter remains constant, where is the helicopter when the bomb hits the ground?
height above ground

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    a) how long does it take to fall 320m
    320=1/2 g t^2
    b) distance=horizontalvelocity*timeinair
    c)horizontal, still the same. vertical= g*t
    e) The helicopter has the same horizontal velocity as the bomb.

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    Please show your work. We need to assess what you already know. This is not a homework-answering service

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