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physics!!!!!! (The questions are actually short)

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CAn an object be increasing its speed with negative acceleration-----explain why or why not

give an example of when both velocity and acceleration are neg.

can the magnitude of a vector ever equal or be less than one of its components?

If you are riding a train that speeds past another in the same direction on an adjacent track, it appears that the slower moving train is moving backwards. EXPLAIN WHY?

Can the vector of a magnitude have a non zero component?

I have a test tomorrow----and need to make sure I can understand the conceptual stuff---I have a little bit of a sense on what the answers to these questions might be----but Im not sure-----some guidance would help


  • physics!!!!!! (The questions are actually short) - ,

    if an object's velocity is in the same direction as it's acceleration then the speed is increasingex: dropping a ball,negative velocity n negative acceleration so speed increases
    opposite direction then object will slow
    ex: throwing ball upward -velocity is positive but acceleraion is negative due to gravity =-9.81m/s^2
    vector magnitude can be = but not less than it's componet ex: straight line has y component of 0 but the mag of vector is = to the x component

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