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5. The elements are related by properties in groups.- F?

7. In Earth's environment, hydrogen is a metal.- T?


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    Give me a break.
    Hydrogen is NOT a metal. It is a gas.

    5 is true. Groups (or the old name, Families), have similar outer electron consfigurations, and have similar chemical properties.

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    I said that because my book says "Hydrogen is grouped with the metals because there are instances where it can act like a metal."


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    I really disagree with the book on that although I'm aware that many books have a similar statement. I think the authors of those books, in reaching to explain all of the disparities in the periodic table, say something like that. In my opinion, they are reaching too far and they give the student the wrong idea. The truth is that about the only thing hydrogen has in common with the other elements of group I is that it has a single electron in its outer shell; therefore, it has an oxidation state (valence) of +1. Li, Na, K, Rb, and Cs have a single electron in their outside shells and exhibit a valence of +1. That's just about it. Hydrogen is a gas, the others are metals, hydrogen will form hydrides but the other elements don't form the corresponding "ide". In fact, just about anything else you want to compare, H and the other elements differ.

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