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Math - Maxima and Minima

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The height, h, in metres, of a ski ramp over a horizonatal distance, x, in metres, is given by h(x)=0.01x^3-0.3x^2+60 for the interval 0 less than or equal to x less than or equal to 22.

a) Find the vertical drop from the top of the ramp to the lowest point on the ramp.
b) Find the vertical rise from the lowest point of the ramp to the end of the ramp.

The lowest point i found was at (0,60) using the first derivative, but i do not know how to calculate the above two questions.

  • Math - Maxima and Minima -

    x=0; x=20
    vertical drop= 60-h(20)

    vertical rise:h(22)-h(20)

    check my thinking.

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