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Posted by Franco on Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 10:22am.

Can you please check if it is everything right?
Thank you.
1.I live in a small country village. My brother is a primary school student.
2.My parents are employees.
3.I’m a student at (of?) a technical high school with an emphasis on science.
4.I like running. I run in (for) a local team. I hate staying at home for many hours (better: spending time at home?), reading a book (or books) and going for a walk in the town centre (for a stroll) with my friends.
5.I don’t like staying on my own but with other people together.
6.I love Formula 1 but I also like other sports such as skiing, tennis and swimming.
7.In my family there are four people: my mum, my dad, my sister and I (NOT ME).
8.I don’t like some kinds of vegetables and fruits.
9Go to the end of the corridor, through the door, then left. You’ll see the school café on your left.
10.I have volleyball practice twice a week. We play a match on Saturdays.I live in a three-storey house. I often go hiking in the countryside to get some fresh air and enjoy the countryside.

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