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1.)The apparent weight of a passenger in an elevator is greater than his true weight? Why is that?

2.) The radius of larger circle is twice that of a small circle. Two identical stones are attached to cords that are being whirled on a table top at the same speed. How would the tension in the longer cord related to the tension in the shorter cord be? Would it be equal?

3.) Two identical satellites are in orbbit about the earth. One orbit has a radius r, and the other 2r. the centripetal force on the satellite in the large orbit is what? is it "one fourth as great?"

Please answer these, thanks!

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    1. The passenger might be accelerating up or down. Just as in an elecator that is accelerating or decelerating, the apparent weight changes.

    2. No, not the same. In this case the tension M V^2/R (which is the centripetal force) is inversely proportional to the string length, R. The larger circular path has half the string tension.

    3. Yes (1/4), because of the inverse square law of gravitationa attraction between the earth and the satellite.

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    thank you for answering this and the other one

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