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Homework Help: chem- ion

Posted by claire on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 at 4:30pm.

naming chemical compounds.

I don't really get how you get the symbol from the word or the other way around for polyotomic ions

so.. here are some examples that a website gave me:

this is wut the site said to do:(Its confusing to me)

The name of the compound should have a roman numeral placed between the name of the cation and the anion to indicate the specific charge of the cation being used. To determine this charge you need to determine what charge is needed to balance the overall compound. To do this multiply the charge of the anion by the number of anions divide this by the number of cations. This will give the charge for the cation.


FeO - iron II Oxide PbO - lead II oxide

Fe2O3 - iron III oxide PbO2 - lead IV oxide

CuOH - copper I hydroxide CrNO3 - chromium II nitrate

Cu(OH)2 - copper II hydroxide CrNO2 - chromium II nitrite

so basically im wondering how they got from the symbols to the names


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