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Two cars are traveling at the same constant speed v. Car A is moving along a straight section of the road, while B is rounding a circular turn. Which statement is true about the acceleration of the cars?
a.) acceleration of both cars is zero
b.) car A is accelerating but car B isnt.
c.) car A is not acc, but car B is
d.) both car accelerate.
What is the answer and how would I know? Thanks.

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    Well, here is a clue.

    Car A is going in a straight line at constant speed. What does that say about it's acceleration?

    You should be able to figure it out now.

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    Velocity is a vector quantity, meaning it has both magnitude and direction.

    Acceleration is the rate of the change of velocity.

    Therefore, if the speed changes, the object is accelerating (whether it speeds up or slows down). ALSO- if the object is changing direction, the object is accelerating.

    Car A is moving at a constant speed and is not changing direction.

    Car B is moving at a constant speed and is changing direction.

  • physics -

    Can you figure it out now?

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