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Posted by mysterychicken on Monday, October 18, 2010 at 6:12pm.

14. The main argument in support of the Bill of Rights was that
a. they would help opponents of slavery gain the upper hand
b. without them the US would be a republic government
c. they would protect the people from a tyrannical government
d. without them the country would fall into anarchy
I couldn't decide between C and D, But I'm guessing C?

16. The interstate Commerce Act outlawed the railroads' practice of
a. charging equally for long and short hauls
b. giving special rates to powerful customers
c. favoring Stalwarts over Half-Breeds
d. bribing the Interstate Commerce Commission

17. Quakers believed that
a. the King of England was a god
b. non-Christians should be killed
c. all people were equal
d. the Church should be purified

18. Johnson freely gave
a. money to wealthy planters
b. white-owned land to African Americans
c. weapons to the Confederate army
d. pardons to southern officials


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