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US History

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11. The Spanish established outposts in the Southeast to
a. trade with Native Americans
b. encourage Spanish immigration
c. search for previous metals
d. protect its trade routes
No idea...

13. One thing a person could do in 1900 but not in 1865 was
a. ride on a train
b. sew a dress
c. play a phonograph
d. read at night
This question confuses me because I think it's all of the above, but that's not an option...

15. In battles in the East, McClellan was best known for his
a. caution
b. wise strategies
c. bold attacks
d. use of technology
Again, no idea...

Thanks a lot!

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    11. b

    13. c

    15. b

    I am not a History teacher but these look reasonable, IF you don't get an answer from a history person.


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