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Homework Help: US History

Posted by mysterychicken on Monday, October 18, 2010 at 3:07pm.

1. Colonial American society was organized according to a belief in
a. a strong middle class
b. a classess society
c. equality of opportunity
d. inequality

3. Why did most Puritans come to North America?
a. to avoid imprisonment
b. to set up their own societies
c. to grow tobacco
d. to look for gold
I couldn't decide between A and B, but I think it's B...

6. One example of government's trying to help American business was
a. high tariffs
b. patronage
c. blue laws
d. Munn v. Illinois
No idea..

7. The mills in the Northeast hired mostly
a. young single women
b. children
c. married women
d. young married men


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