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A football is thrown with an initial upward velocity component of 15.0 m/s and a horizontal velocity component of 18.0 m/s
The time required for the football to reach the highest point in its trajectory is 1.53s.
It gets 11.5m above the ground.

How much time after it is thrown does it take to return to its original height?
How far has the football traveled horizontally from its original position?


    you are given time to get to top, it takes the same time to fall down.

    how far=horizontal velocity*timeinair


    1.53 seconds to get to highest point so 1.53x2 to reach the end of the porabola. 3.06 seconds


    Jade you got to remember that it is accelerating downwards since gravity is -9.8 m/s. so it is not easy as that and I would think before you try and put your knowledge on the page.

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