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At 16°C a sample of ammonia gas exerts a pressure of 11.7 atm. What is the pressure when the volume of the gas is reduced to one-fourth of the original value at the same temperature

so the inital Temp=16 C
initial Pressure. 11.7
final pressure-unknown

what next?

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    You omitted some of the problem.
    initial T = 16 C
    p = 11.7 atm
    final pressure = ??, the unknown.
    final T = 16 (apparently doesn't change).
    initial volume = ?
    final volume = 1/4 the original volume.

    What I usually do is to assume a value for V1 (a convenient number of 4), that makes the final volume 1 (1/4 of 4 = 1).
    Then use P1V1 = P2V2 and solve for P2.

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    okay thank you

    With your information I did
    (11.7)( 4)= P2(1)
    my final answer 46.8 atm

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