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a soccer ball is kicked with an initial velocity of 5.0 m/s^2 in a direction of 30 degrees above the horizontal
a. what are the initial components of the velocity?
b. what are the components of the veloicty just before the ball hits the ground?

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    The inicial componente of velocity can be found by using SOH,CAH,TOA or it can be also be found by c^2= a^2 + b^2.
    This is the way I did it.
    To find y I used the sin of 50 in order to find one of the sides.
    It would look something like this
    sin(50)= y/25 (you may place a 1 on the bottom part of sin(50) so you could cross multiply)

    After you cross multiply you should have -6.559=y ( that's your answer for the first part)

    Now let's solve for the X component.
    Since I find y and the problem already gives the hypotenuse, which is 25 m/s, you may now use the c^2= a^2 + b^2 formula. Or you may still used the SOH,CAH,TOA.
    In this case I will use the first formula. It would be set up something like this:
    (-6.559...)^2 + b^2 = (25)^2

    43.025... + b^2= 625
    ( subtract the 43.025... From both sides)
    b^2= 581.974
    ( now square up both sides so b can be by itself)
    So your answer woulb be
    b= 24.12

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    Sorry guys, both of my answers are wrong since I totally forgot to change my calculator into Degrees, you follow the same steps but now in Degrees.
    The correct answers are
    Y= 19.15 & X= 16.07
    (Sorry for my mistake)

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