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Rockets A and B are fired straight upward from rest. Rocket A is launched first and accelerates at 11.2 m/s2. Rocket B is launched 2.10 s after Rocket A and B accelerates at 14.6 m/s2. Solve for the moment in time when the rockets are separated by 484 m.

a) how long after rocket as launch are they separated by 482 m?

b) how high up is rocket a at this time?

c) how high up is rocket b at this time?

d) how fast is rocket a moving at this time?

e) how fast is rocket b moving at this time?

please help me!!

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    h1= heigth of first rocket
    h2= height of second rocket

    482=h1-h2=1/2 (11.2t^2-14.6(t-2.1)^2)
    solve for t.

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