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The following reaction represents the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide:

2H2O2 -> O2 (g) + 2H2O (l)

How many molecules of water are produced from the decomposition of 3.4g of hydrogen peroxide, H2O2?

Please help, I got 0.02 molecules of water but need to verify my answer (not sure I did this right).

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    figure the moles of H2O2 in 3.4g

    You get the same number of moles of water.

    molecules= moleswater*avagradros number
    No, the number of molecules is a very large number. You need to think on this. How can the answer be less than one molecule (as in .02 molecules)>

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    I'm not understanding. what do you mean figure the moles of H2O2 in 3.4 g of water? You get the same number of moles of water? I calculated:

    nH2O2 = 3.4g/34.02g/mol= 0.0999412 mol

    Water on the other hand has 18.02 mol

    sorry but I'm not understanding. I think for this particular answer I need help from the beginning because I can't wrap my head around what I'm doing.

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