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Given one of the following solution: 50.00mL of 0.10M of K2CrO4 answer the following.
1. How do you prepare the solution?
2. What volume (mL) of your solution contains 5.00X10(-4) moles of the solute?
3. What volume of your solution contains 1.00g of the solute?
4. What is the new molarity of a solution made by pipeting 5.00mL of your solution and diluting 95.00mL of deionized water?
5. What of your solution is required to react with 10.00mL of 0.10M Pb(NO3)2?
*Can anyone help me out. I have another 5 problems to do on my own. I need some help with how to go about doing these problems. First one posted here.

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