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A mixture of 0.47 mole of H2 and 3.59 moles of HCl is heated to 2800C. Calculate the equilibrium partial pressures of H2 Cl2 and HCl if the total pressure is 2.00 atm. For the reaction Kp is 193 at 2800C.

H2(g) +Cl2(g) = 2HCl (g)

I know that I need to find the total numbers of moles, but I do not know how to find how many moles there is in Cl2.

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    To start, you need to know pressures initially. I would solve for mole fraction H2 and mole fraction HCl. That will be
    mole fraction HCl = moles HCl/total moles
    mole fraction H2 = moles H2/total moles.
    Then PHCl = mole fraction HCl x total P.
    and PH2 = mole fraction H2 x total P.
    Then set up an ICE chart, substitute into Kp expression, and solve for partial pressures of each at equilibrium conditions.
    Post your work if you get stuck.

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    how would you find total number of moles?

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