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Homework Help: English-The Hunger Games

Posted by Sara on Saturday, October 16, 2010 at 5:02pm.

I have to create a magazine that would be published about the games(capitol)

-Magazine format which I am doing is :

* Regular issue during the games.


Create an authentic product true to the details of the novel.


*min. 6 pages with a min. 1 image per page

*an original name or reinvented version of a current publication.

*min of 2 articles on the Games

*min of 2 advertisements for products available in the capitol or produced in the districts

*min of one interview

*authentic details of magazines(price,captions,cover)

I am still working on this; it's the articles which I am working on, but I'm trying to think of a good title for the magazine. What could I name the magazine? In this book during the hunger games there was action all around, and it was kind of like a race to win and survive. There were lots of fights, hazards, gamemakers tricks, etc.

Any suggestions on what I could name the magazine?

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