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Use the Law of Detachment to write a valid conclusion for the given information.
1.If two angles are supplementary, then their measures have a sum of 180.
2.Angle X and Angle Y are supplementary.

-What do they mean when they ask me to write a valid conclusion?

  • Geometry -

    The law of detachment, better known as Modus Ponens, can be expressed as p=>q, or if p is true, then q must be true.

    For example,
    p=it does not rain
    q=I will go outside
    If I say
    If it does not rain, then I will go outside.
    And if today it does not rain, a valid conclusion will be I will go outside.

    If it does not rain today, I do not have a valid conclusion.

    See if you can draw a valid conclusion from the given statements 1 and 2.

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