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Acc/ Federal Taxation

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If a taxpayer has AGI of $35,000, how much of the following expense can he apply towards his itemized deductions?
Medical Expenses $3,500
Tax Preparation Fees $500
Unreimbursed Employee Expenses $2,000
Charitable Contributions $1,000
For example, what is the limitation on medical expenses? What is the limitation on tax prep fees and unreimbursed employee expenses? Is there a limitation on charitable contributions?

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    I need help with the above problem before 12AM tonight. Thank you .

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    I don't have an answer for you. I no longer live in the US. I might suggest googling the terms limitation on medical expenses and income tax.

    I hope that helps. Wish I could help more.

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    Start with Schedule A, which you will find (for 2009) at

    The "Form 1040 line 38" often referred to in Schedule A is the Adjusted gross income (AGI).

    You should find most of your answers there.

    Even though various of these expenses, taxes and contributions may be deductible after going through the numbers, it is often found that a larger deduction will apply is the standard deduction is taken. This has the effect of making the itemized deductions irrelevant (essentially, zero) for many, if not most, people.

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