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Two wires with the same resistance have the same diameter but different lengths. If wire 1 has length L1 and wire 2 has length L2, how do L1 and L2 compare if wire 1 is made from copper and wire 2 is made from aluminum? The resistivity of copper is 1.7 × 10-5Ω·m and the resistivity of aluminum is 2.82× 10-5Ω·m.

L1 = 0.60 L2
L1 = 1.7 L2
L1 = 0.36 L2
L1 = 2.8 L2

A wire has resistance R. A second wire has twice the length, twice the diameter, and twice the resistivity of the first wire. What is its resistance?

8 R
The resistance is not given.

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