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1. Look at the two monomials below.
9u3v2w4 15u4v4w3

What is the least common multiple (LCM) of the monomials shown above?


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    First, i'm assuming there are no exponents. Then i'm going to multiply
    the coefficients together forming a single coefficient for each monomial.

    9u3v2w4 = 216uvw,
    15u4v4w3 = 720uvw,

    The LCM is => The largest coefficient(720). If we divided 720 by 216, we would get a remainder. Therefore, 720 is NOT the LCM. So the LCM is > 720.
    We try dividing 2160(3*720) by 216 and
    we get 10 and NO remainder.

    Therefore, the LCM = 2160.

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