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Sat scores l around the nation tend to have a mean score around 500, a standard deviation of about 100 points and are approximately normal distributions. a person who scores 600 on the sat 1 has approximately what percentile rank within the population? please show all calculations

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    Your course is very, very, very dated.

    Show calculations? These are done with tables, or a calculator, or a computer applet. Not even superman could do this calculating on paper with pencil.

    I recommend you do it with this applet, getting the answer, then use your calculator to get the same answer, and finally, do it with the normal tables in the back of your book.

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    suppose we have a set of blood pressures with a mean of 80 diastolic, and standard deviation of 5 points. assuming a normal distribution of blood pressures, what two values should 95% of all blood pressures lie? show all calculations.

    *please help as i have no calculation or any other materials to help solve. thank you. i am really in panic mode.

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    Use the same applet( the second one)Enter the mean, std deviation, click between, and in the shaded area, type.95

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    what do you mean by appplet? can you please show how you got your calculations i have no way or means to do this. i am really lost and am upset becasue this question has been bugging me for hours now. i am really frustrated, please help by showing the work. thank you very much.

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