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A physics book slides off a horizontal tabletop with a speed of 1.10m/s . It strikes the floor in 0.350s . Ignore air resistance.
The height of the tabletop above th floor is .600m.The horizontal distance from the edge of the table to the point where the book strikes the floor is .385m

Find the horizontal component of the book's velocity, just before the book reaches the floor.
Find the vertical component of the book's velocity just before the book reaches the floor.

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    For Vx which is the horizontal velocity component:
    Vx=.385m/.350s= 1.10m/s
    For Vy the vertical velocity component:
    Vy=gt g=-9.8m/s2 for gravity
    Vy=(-9.8m/s2)(0.350s)= -3.43m/s

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    1.1m/s and-3.43m/s

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