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Posted by m on Friday, October 15, 2010 at 12:18pm.

You can use the prime factorization of a number, written as the product of powers of prime numbers, to find the number of factors the number has. First, express the number as a product of powers of prime numbers; for example, 36=2^2 3^2 (that is 2 squared and 3 squared)Then increase each exponent by 1, and find the product of these increased exponents. This product is the number of factors of the number. In the example for 36, (2 + 1) (2 + 1) = 9, so 36 has 9 factors. Now determine how many factors 48 has.

What I have so far is the prime factorization is 48=2^4 x 3 and know that there are 10 factors but cannot figure out how to do the exponents thing listed above.

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