March 27, 2017

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what is the correct verb form of yo, tu, and ustedes?

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    That is quite a question without knowing the verb. There are -ar, -er, -ir verbs and also irregular verbs that do not follow the "basic" pattern. Here are regular verbs conjugated:

    hablar = to speak
    yo hablo = I speak, I do speak, I am speaking (usually 3 English translations for each verb form.)
    tú hablas
    él/ella/usted habla
    nosotros/nosotras hablamos
    vosotros/vosotras hablais
    ellos/ellas/ustedes hablan

    If you have a text book, look in the back for the appendices. You should find both regular and irregular verbs conjugated there for you.

    comer = to eat
    yo como = I eat, I do eat, I am eatin g
    tú comes
    él/ella/usted come
    nosotros/nosotras comemos
    vosotros/vosotras comeis
    elloa/ellas/ustedes comen

    vivir = to live
    yo vivo = I live, I do live, I am living
    tú vives
    él/ella/usted vive
    nosotros/nosotras vivimos
    vosotros/vosotras vivís
    ellos/ellas/ustedes viven

    Note that in every case the "yo" form ends in o. That the tú form ends in s. That the ustedes form ends in n. Those are the "markers."

    Feel free to post again but please try to make your post as complete as possible!


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