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5th grade

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Math. How can I make up a data set of at least 12 numbers that have the following landmarks, maximum 18: mode: 7, range: 13, median: 12?

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    5th grade is NOT the School Subject. You must identify it correctly for the correct volunteer teacher to read your post. It is not I!


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    Your Max (highest number) = 18
    Your range is 13 so your minimum number in your set =5
    You need the mean to = 12 so all twelve numbers in your set have to equal 144 so that the 12 individual numbers will have a mean of 12 (144/12=12).
    The mode = 7 - so 7 is going to occur more than once (the mode is the number occurring most often).
    A SAMPLE answer is: 5-7-7-7-11-13-13-15-15-16-17-18 (totaled=144/12 = mean of 12); 7 occurs three times so is the mode. There are other combinations

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    find the range of 78, 9, 100, 6 ?

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