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Car 1 approaches an intersection with a momentum of p1i=(11,000 kg*m/s)x + (-370 kg*m/s)y. Car 2 approaches the same intersection with momentum p2i= (4,000 kg*m/s)x + (2470 kg*m/s)y. The cars collide and immediately the momentum of Car2 is p2f= (2100 kg*m/s)y. What is the final momentum of Car 1??

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    The final momentum of car two is whatever it takes both cars to equal the total momentum of both cars before the collision.

    p1i + p2i = p2f + p1f

    Solve for pif

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    A 40-kg cart moving at 120 km/h collides head on with an approaching 50-kg cart, moving at 20 km/h ( in the opposite direction). if the two carts stick together what will be their speed?

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