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Posted by y912f on Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at 8:25pm.

For my assignment I have to find an advertisement, analyze it, and write my interpretation of it. I've done this, but I'm coming out short on words for the assignment. And I feel like there's nothing else that I can mention. I'm supposed to write 500 words and I have 379.

Can someone help me?

The advertisement that I chose to write about was one that caught my eye on the internet and really stood out more than the others. The images on the advertisement contain a hand holding a globe that is wrapped in plastic. Under this image the wording says ‘Don’t Pack the Blue Planet with Polythene, SAY NO TO PLASTIC’. The first thing the viewer feels when looking at this ad is that it creates an eco friendly mood specifically towards saving the environment. The viewer also notices that there is a lot of white space on the page and not much graphics. The only thing that is colored is the Earth, which is what is being symbolized, and it is blue while everything else is white. In addition, the sleeve of the hand that’s holding the globe Earth is also white. To me this means that white being symbolized so much in the whole advertisement is a sign of purity and cleanliness. I can say this because white is sort of a universal color and when it is used in this picture it makes this issue, saving the Earth, a universal issue. Since the advertisement focuses on the Earth one would say that the audience is geared towards humanity as a whole, and not just one particular group of people. In my opinion, the ad implies that humans are quick to use up the Earth’s resources and are, in result, suffocating the Earth with plastic. It is also saying that humans like to waste which can also be an issue that is bad for the environment. However, I do believe that there could be an argument presented against this advertisement. It is true that recycling is an important issue on our planet, but there are also other, far more important issues that need to be addressed in our world. This specific ad is not focusing on those more important issues such as pollution, energy usage, or poverty. I also believe that no matter how tough the situation might become there will always be a place for humans to live. The planet might become inhabitable for humans, but it certainly will not go away, or disappear. Therefore, trying to save human beings is more important than trying to save the planet.

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