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Chemistry -pls help urgent

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1) How do I prepare 2M nitric acid from 65% concentrated nitric acid?

2) How do I prepare 17% ammonia from 25% concentrated ammonia?

Please show calculation steps. Thanks.

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    Is that 65% and 17% w/w or w/v?
    Do you have a density listed.

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    Assuming it is w/w as is the case for most acids and conc ammonia, can you show me the steps using 69% HNO3 and 28% ammonia?
    I have density of 69% HNO3 as 1.42g/ml & 28% ammonia as 0.88g/ml.

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    I would start the HNO3 by determining the molarity of the HNO3.
    density = 1.42 g/mL x 1000 mL = 1420 grams.
    It is 69% by mass; therefore, the amount of HNO3 in that 1420 g is 1420 x 0.69 = 979.8 grams. How many moles is that?
    979.8/molar mass = about 15.5 M
    Then mL x M = mL x M
    mL x 15.5 M = 100 mL x M and I just made up the 100 mL number since you don't have a preference for the amount. Whatever volume you want goes in there.
    The NH3 problem is done the same way.

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