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a lift is moving downward with uniform acceleration to measure the acceleration a person in the lift drops a coin 6 ft above the floor of the lift . the coin strikes the floor in 1 second find the acceleration

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    The "effective" acceleration rate, a' , (measured positive downward) as observed in the elevator
    satifies the equation
    6 = (1/2)a' t^2 = a'/2
    since t = 1 second to fall 6 feet)
    Therefore a' = 12 ft/s^2

    Without elevator acceleration, the observed downward acceleration rate would be g = 32.2 ft/s^2

    Since a' = g -a,
    where a is the true acceleration rate (downward),
    a = 32.2 - 12 = 20.2 ft/s^2

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