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a math test has a mean of 43 and a standard deviation 0f 17.0. find the corresponding z scores for. show all work.

I. a test score of 13
II. a test score of 59

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    z = (x - mean)/(standard deviation)

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    how is the problem worked out?

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    hey cat:
    thank you for the information. so clarify i would just plug in the test scores such as 13 and 59 for the x value and 43 for mean with 17.0 for the standard deviation to come up with the following :

    z=(13-43)/17.0= 10.47058824 to round off to 10.0?
    z= (59-43)/17.0=56.47058824, round off to ?

    please coonfirm and show where i went wrong. thank you very much.

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