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Hi, I have to take chemistry placement test for college this week. Does anyone here have advice for studying to prepare for the test? I took chemistry in high school 2 years ago so I don't remember anything.

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    Is chemistry placement important to you? If you don't remember anything from two years ago, probably you will not do very well. As a result, you will be placed in a lower level class and not an advanced placement course. That may be best for you; you don't want to get in over your head. I don't know of any crash things you can do to help with only a few days to go.

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    Would you recommend me to study for pre-general chemistry first before taking general chemistry? Because I do not remember anything from my chemistry class at all.

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    hello, I am in General, Organic Chemistry now and I havent had chemistry since 10th grade. (im 21 now) I barely remembered anything but I would strongly suggest going over conversions such as millimeters-inches and also learning things like the lewis structure. We are surrounded by chemistry everyday. Just study and I suggest watching a few youtube videos it helps me prepare for my tests. Good luck!

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