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Posted by rfvv on Monday, October 11, 2010 at 7:22pm.

1. What did Bora want to do?
- She wanted to do volunteer work.

2. Where do her friends usually volunteer?
- They usually volunteer at libraries or town halls.

3. Did Bora want to volunteer at a library or a town hall?
- No, she didn't.

4. Who told Bora about the candy stripers in America?
- Ms. White did.

5. What do candy stripers wear?
- They wear pink and white stripe uniforms.

6. What do candy stripers do at the hospital?
- They deliver mail or read to patients.

7. Where did Bora decide to do volunteer?
- At a hospital.

8. How often does Bora work at a hospital?
- Once a week.

9. What does Bora do at the hospital?
- She reads to sick children and she also takes them outside in wheelchairs.

10. How does she feel about volunteering at the hospital?
- She feels happy to help others.
- She is happy to help others.

11. How many candy stripers can you see on page 148?
- I can see two candy stripers.

12. Who are candy stripers?
- They are teenage volunteers at hospitals.

13. Where does Bora do the volunteer work?
- She works at a hospital.
- She volunteers at a hospital.
- She does the volunteer work at a hospital.

(Would you like to check the questions and answers and correct errors, please? Thank you.)

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