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Need help with my story. Please check if my Anecdote is story or merely a report,second paragraph anazlyze the anecdote, explaining how illustrates the thesis. How can I make my essay 1000 words long? Thank you. sorry its kind a long questions.

My quote is "Be good and you will be lonesome." It meanings that most people are bad.

In my anecdote I'll start off start by demenstarting how person does a good but can't keep be good and then state thesis. In my essay I will write about what good behaviors that people do. Like stop using drugs, not drinking alcoholic abstainingfrom sex until marriage and then why I think people don't can't cut their bad behaviors and be good.

How can I combine all these three? Abstaining from sex until marriage, not doing drugs and not drinking alcoholic?

This is the "Anecdote" I will begin with my essay which is below

There are two young sisters; one is on her best behave and does whatever her parents ask her to properly. and the other one, even though she tries to discipline herself she still has hard time conducting herself properly.

1)I am trying imply here that its easy for one person to behave good and that it can be hard for other to be good even though they try to be good. How can this be connected to my essay?

2)Thesis: Behaving good will discipline you to make good choice and hinder you from doing bad behaviors. Does this connect with mu Ancdote?

3) I have to think about an analogy or comparison that would explain the maxim. This is what I came up with.
1)"Be friendly and you will not be isolated" (2) "Be honest and you will be innocent" (3) Be well behaved and you will be righteous" (4) Be worthy and you will be admirable". How can I cooprate this into my essay?

Please tell me where I can find story (fable, parable)that supports the maxim. And how can I include this in my essay? Thank u very much!

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