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I need help fixing up this essay so that it flows betters. Thanks

Assignment: Compose a brief essay which specifically develops topic including a clear and relevant topic sentence. Provide at least one specific example and detail.

1. Attendance demands punctuality.

Give examples, details, explanations, definitions where applicable

Attendance demands Punctuality meaning that not only should you make it a priority to show up but to also be on time. You have to make sure that you are always on time and ready to complete the tasks at hand. If you’re always late for work or school its shows your employer or teacher that your work or school is not very important to you. I myself always make an effort to arrive ten or more minutes early so that I’m never late. Attendance and Punctuality not only has an effect on your life but of those around Arriving on time causes fewer interruptions in the classroom and work place because there are less classroom disruptions. Attendance and Punctuality shows you can be counted on. If you are always punctual, people will naturally assume that they can count on you. If you arrive to work on time, hand in your assignments on time, are punctual to meetings and functions; your boss and co-workers will think of you as a dependable person.

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