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An analysis is done to determine the amount spent on fresh fruits and vegetables per person per week. In a certain area, assume this amount is normally distributed with a mean of $13.9 and a standard deviation of $ 4.91.
A. When finding the probability that a random person will spend more than $ 17.93 on fresh fruits and vegetables, the z-score calculated is 0.82. A letter is to be sent to the group of purchasers who spend in the top 12%. A competition is to be held for these people to write about their favourite fruit or vegetable dish and the results used for marketing. In order to find the minimum spending amount of this group, you would search in the tables for a z value corresponding to a probability of ...??

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    Look for the z value for which the integral of probability, from z<-4 up to z, is equal to 0.88.

    I get z = 1.177 at a spent amount of $19.68

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