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Here are some more sentences I'd like you to check. Thank you very much.

1) He can take a pound of flesh from Antonio on the condition (No: on the condition) that he doesn't shed a single drop of Antonio's blood.
2)News is brought that all of Antonio's ships have sunk (into the sea).
3) Antonio is imprisoned because he hasn't repaid the bond (also: the loan?) to Shylock.
4)All his property will be divided between Antonio and the state of Venice.
5) If a single drop of a Christian's blood was spilt, the duke could have the culprit (the guilty party) executed.
6) When Shylock dies, all his property will go to Jessica (or will be inherited by Jessica).Antonio suggests Shylock should leave his wealth to his daughter when he dies.
7) If he doesn't repay the loan in time, Shylock will be entitled (or is entitled) to take a pound of his flesh.If his daughter has run away from home the fault is of Antonio (better: Antonio's)
8) He blames Antonio for the loss of his daughter (?)
9)The Jewish communities became economically (?) powerful.

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    7. yes, better Antonio's...

    Everything else AOK .


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