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Can you please check the following sentences, please? Thank you.

1) Shylock is worried about his daughter going away with Antonio but he’s more concerned about the money she has cost him.
2)Antonio suggests Shylock should pay a fine to the court and give half of his money to him. Furthermore, he should promise to leave half of his wealth to Lorenzo and his daughter Jessica when he dies.
3) They are given the news that Shylock has signed a document which will make them rich.
4)This timetable is definitive and will last till the end of the school year.
5)The man who chooses the wrong casket, cannot marry Portia or anyone else.
6) He lends him the money on condition that (as long as) he pays back his debt in three months’ time (also: within three months?).If not (or otherwise) he will be entitled to take a pound off (?) Antonio’s flesh.
7) The first thought of Shylocks (correction: Shylock’s first thought ) is the fear of losing his money?
Or Shylock is concerned about losing his money? Or He thinks about the money he has lost?

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    1. his daughter's going away with (another possibility)

    Everything else OK.


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