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You propose to build a space ship that allows the entire population of the United States (280 million) to leave earth. Your plans allocate an average space of 1,000(=10*10*10) cubic feet to each person. You space ship is going to have the shape of a sphere. The radius of you space ship is ?????? feet. The volume of a sphere of radius "r" equals (4/3)*pi*r^3

After due Congress decide to support your space ship if you provide a cabin with a skylight for each of the 280,000,000 passengers. Your figure that on average each passenger must have 100 square feet on the surface of your space ship. The radius of you new and improved space ship is ????? feet. The surface of a sphere of radius "r" equals 4*pi*r^2.

You tell Congress that the space ship they ask for would have a radius that is ?????? times bigger than what you suggested and the volume (and weight and cost) would be ?????? as large.

How would i start solving this? I am so stuck.

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