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Social Studies

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Please check my answer

1. The U.S. federal system affects the party system by
a. favoring the creation of parties organized chiefly at the statewide level.
b. hindering the creation of strong party organizations organized from the top down.
c. encouraging minor parties that have a regional base.
d. encouraging media-based campaigns.
e. favoring the creation of parties organized chiefly at the national level.

2. The American tendency toward _____ encourages the two major parties to build broad coalitions.
a. big government
b. idealism
c. political activism
d. radicalism
e. moderation

1 - E, 2 - E

& Ms. Sue, thank you for all your help so far.

  • Social Studies -

    You're welcome.

    I disagree with both your answers.

    1. Political parties have strong state and local organizations. Ordinary people are encouraged to be involved in politics.

    2. With all of the garbage being strewn about the media by both parties, we are hardly moderate.

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