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Find an equation for the line with the given properties.

Containing the points (-5,4) and

Please help!

  • Math -

    find the slope , call it m
    write it as
    y = mx + b
    use one of the points to replace the x and y values, that way you can find b
    put that back in, and you are done

    let me know what you get

  • Math -

    I got y=-10/3 x + b

    Then I used (-5,4) so 4=-10/3(-5) + b

    and I got y=-10/3x - 46/3. I am not sure if I multiplied and added the fractions correctly

  • Math -

    I had b = -38/3

    a trick is to use the point that was not used and sub it is, the other point does work for -38/3

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