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4th grade

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kevin has a rabbit, a ferret, a gerbel and a turtle. He feeds them in a different different order each day. In how many different orders can Kevin feed his pets?

  • 4th grade -

    1, rabbit, ferret, gerbel, turtle
    2. ferret, gerbel, turtle, rabbit
    3. gerbel, turtle, rabbit, ferret
    4. turtle, rabbit, ferret, gerbel
    5. rabbit, gerbel, ferret, turtle
    6. rabbit, gerbel, turtle, ferret
    7. rabbit, turtle, gerbel, ferret
    8. rabbit, turtle, ferret, gerbel
    9. rabbit, ferret, turtle, gerbel

    This should give you the idea thatabeginning with the rabbit, there are 6 possibilities. Then beginning with each of the other 3 animals, there are again 6 possibilities for each animal.

    What kind of total do you have with 4 X 6?


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