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An automobile with a mass of 1316 kg is parked on a moving flatbed railcar; the flatbed is 1.5 m above the ground. The railcar has a mass of 40,810 kg and is moving to the right at a constant speed v = 8.8 m/s on a frictionless rail. The automobile then accelerates to the left, leaving the railcar at a speed of 22 m/s with respect to the ground. When the automobile lands, what is the distance D between it and the left end of the railcar? See the figure.

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    IT leaves with respect to the ground. That means it is going 30.8m/s with respect to the rail car.

    where time is the time to fall 1.5 m

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    I tried to solve for the time using:


    but I'm not getting the right answer.

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