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Consider an inefficient engine which draws 200 J of heat from a hot reservoir at 100oC, converts 48 J to work, and rejects 152 J to a cold reservoir at 0oC. Theoretically, how much maximum work can be produced if the efficiency of the engine is maximized? How much work was “lost” by using this inefficient heat engine design? (Hint: Carnot Engine)

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    Temperatures must be in K to use the Carnot cycle formula.

    Thot = 373 K
    Tcold = 273 K
    Carnot efficiency = 1 - (Tcold/Thot) = 0.268
    Ideal work output = 200J*0.268 = 54 J
    Actual work output = 48 J (given)
    "Lost" work = 6 J

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