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What should i write about for the topic: responsibility for watching over your little brother....also explain the various ways you kept him safe...etc. and how you felt responsible for that person.

Please give me lots of ideas about what to write for that topic (i have to write a full page, so thx)

Please Help!!

  • ENGLISH!! -

    Did you actually watch over your little brother? If so, you should have a lot of experiences to write about.

    If not, then consider these typical situations:

    * Young child chases a ball toward the street.
    * Young child is tries to stick a fork into an electrical outlet.
    * Young child wants to eat the pretty berries on a poisonous bush.
    * Young child takes a bath in the bathtub.
    * Older child wants to beat up another kid.
    * Teenager wants to experiment with sex or drugs or alcohol.

  • ENGLISH!! -

    1.) I strongly believe that society praises and encourages women to be thin. It doesn't matter the age, women (and men) should be thin for health purposes. Today so many people are obese, and when a parent is obese, often times their children will be as well. I think that society is trying to step in a put a stop to obesity by promoting people of all ages to be thin and healthy.
    2.) I think that society is making small steps in changing the image of beauty. The Dove Campaign is a great start to redefining beauty; it has been advertised a lot. However, I still believe being thin is looked at as being beautiful because being thin goes along with being healthy. In a nation where obesity is so common, I don’t see people celebrating heavier people.
    3.) I think that the difference between society preaching healthiness and think fashion icons is that people should think of fashion as clothing, not the model. I know that is a hard thing to think, but I never consider the model a part of fashion. I usually think that models look sickly skinny and need about twenty pounds of weight on them.

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