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LPG (liquedfied petroleum gas) is stored in highly insulated spherical vessels in most oil refineries. If the inside diameter of one of these tanks is 11.4ft, find it's volume. Report your answer to the nearest one-tenth of a gal use (pie)=3.14, and 1 cubic ft =7.5 gal.

a. 5,815.1 gal
b. 48,968.9 gal
c. 12,242.2 gal
d. 726.9 gal

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    i want to say my answer is d

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    diameter = 11.4, so
    radius = 5.7 ft

    V = (4/3)π (r^3)
    = (4/3)π (5.7)^3 = 775.7346 cubic feet

    but 1 cu ft = 7.5 gal, so .....

    sure looks like a) to me

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