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Management (open to everyone)

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My ideas are after the question. Please add to them or comment.

Assume that you represent the top administrators of a large university with 15,000 students. Over the past three years there have been an increasing number of applicants to the school. However, the school’s staff and physical facilities have remained the same. The school is under pressure from students and their families to admit more students.
The state, which approves over half of the school’s funds, is responding to this pressure by asking the school to increase enrollment by at least 3000 students. However, they are unwilling to increase funding to pay for this expansion.

1. List as many possible alternatives that the school can take?
• The school could hold a conference or meeting with state officials to negotiate. Perhaps the school could persuade the state officials to increase funding by a certain percentage for every additional student admitted.
• The school could hold a city or town meeting that would be open to all community members to explain its difficulties. Later, a voting day could be held, which would allow the community members or taxpayers to have an input. The options would be increase enrollment and raise taxes or keep the enrollment rate as is and leave taxes alone.

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    I'd be careful about the second one. Voting implies that the community members will actually be deciding something. If all you want from them are ideas (input), then don't have a vote -- distribute and collect a questionnaire or something.

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    The school could do what many have done -- increase tuition. It could also save money by decreasing the amount of college-funded scholarships.

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    Due Day 7 – Pay Raise Exercise – Post to Assignments link as Word.doc attachment
    Complete the exercise 10.2 “The Pay Raise” at the end of Chapter 10. You are the supervisor and you must determine the pay raise allocations. Explain your rationale and decisions in detail. What feedback would you provide to each employee in the performance review meeting?

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