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I forgot to include these other sentences. I really hope you can have a look at them, too.
1) The jungle had awakened his desires and he didn’t have enough strength to resist them.
2)They met a Russian who traded ivory. He looked like a harlequin in his highly coloured clothes with patches in them.
3) He struggled against the madness of his soul that, however, recognized no limits and had no faith in anything. His soul was struggling between his love of what he had discovered and the hatred for what he had discovered.
4) He looked out into the abyss that confronts us all in the end and commented “the horror”.
5) His last words were “the horror, the horror”. He had been defeated by his desires but in the end he had the courage to look at what had happened to him and was horrified by the sight.
6) He told her that Kurtz had loved her and that Kurtz’s last word had been her name.
"I've never got used to her cat". He said he had never got used to her cat.

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    1. comma after "desires"
    You really need to get a handle on comma use, especially after introductory elements and in compound sentences.
    See #s 2 and 3.

    5. Where is a comma needed here?

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    I don't know wat u r doing im sorry but i cant help u out.

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